Canberra Laparoscopic Robotic & Laser Urology CentreA/PROFESSOR HODO HAXHIMOLLA UROLOGICAL SURGEON

A/Professor Hodo Haxhimolla is an experienced urological surgeon that has been practicing for 18 years at the National Capital Private Hospital. He completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 1992 at the University of New South Wales. He did his urological and fellowship training in 2002 and obtained his specialist qualification, FRACS (Urology) in 2003.

He is an experienced and certified Da Vinci robotic and laparoscopic (keyhole) surgeon at the National Capital Private Hospital. In 2003 he underwent a certified training course in robotic surgery at the leading centre at UCLA Irvine in California USA. He was part of the first team in Australia to have completed a robotic radical prostatectomy in Melbourne in 2003, together with Professor Anthony Costello. He sits on the Medical Advisory Board at the National Capital Private Hospital as part of the original team that brought robotic surgery to Canberra.

treamtment optionsAREAS OF SPECIALTY

Prostate Treatment

Dr Haxhimolla has been leading in diagnosis of cancer of the prostate using MRI technology including performing in-gantree and fusion MRI guided biopsies for accurate prostate cancer detection. Dr Haxhimolla has written multiple articles in this area and has also run many symposiums teaching urologists and radiologists how to use the MRI in diagnosis of cancer of the prostate.

Erectile Function

Dr Haxhimolla  recognizes the importance of restoring erectile function to men who has lost this function following treatment for prostate cancer. He therefore underwent further training in penile implant at a leading centre at the Coral Gables Institute, Florida with Dr Paul Perito. Dr Haxhimolla has worked with many leading prosthetic surgeons form the USA in the area of prothesis.

Penile Prosthesis

He also performs prostate brachytherapy and penile prosthesis as part of a comprehensive treatment for prostate cancer patients. He completed his training in brachytherapy at a leading centre at the Seattle Prostate Institute, USA in 2006.